Sell Me Your Neighborhood

I’ve lived in Madison for two years. In a lot of ways, it feels like I’ve been here forever. I write this in the most complimentary form as I truly believe I’ve stumbled upon something special. It’s a privilege to raise a family here and I’m thankful for the warm, generous, and fun-spirited personalities that make Madison so unique and inviting.

With this noted, I’m contemplating a move. One of my favorite things to do is drive through neighborhoods, soak up character, observe neighbors in action, and daydream of house hunting adventures. Wandering throughout town has become a treasured tradition. Houses hold stories and there are numerous chapters of charm to be unearthed within the rose city. But where to begin?

When I moved here I knew nothing of neighborhoods and their histories, but it’s been enlightening and entertaining to discover the depths of the housing market. In short, for a small town there sure are a lot of sections and scenes. For me, the neighborhood is everything.

So tell me about your street. Did your kids grow up walking to town, the pool, or a local park? Do you have a favorite memory? I’ll be featuring these stories monthly if enough interest is generated.

For now, does anyone have a house for sale?

Keep shining bright, Madison. You’re my lucky star.

Katie ZurichComment