Sell Me Your House...Seriously

“How do you know, unless you open the door?” Casey Rislov, Come In, Open the Doors to You

We’re selling our home.

Let it be known that my realtor is a goddess of kindness and knowledge so I’m all set with professional guidance and insight. This isn’t my first real estate rodeo.

And while this mama bear is thankful for technology, which makes showings and previews that much easier, I am forever fixated on the dream scene.

For me, the dream scene is unearthing a homestead in an old fashioned, romantic, or whimsical way. Because long before Zillow or Redfin, I drove by homes and envisioned lemonade on a front porch, a Christmas tree in a bay window, and basketball games on a driveway. I sort of believed I’d knock on a door and ask if someone wanted to sell me their home. Moreover, I liked the concept of explaining why I wanted to buy their home from a curbside glance or destined drive-by.

So without further adieu, here’s my letter to homeowners in Madison who are contemplating a sale. And because this is my dreamy desire, here’s the interior checklist:

4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, central air, fireplace, and a sweet spot for the Christmas tree. Can you sense my obsession with Christmas? *And for any newcomer to Madison, wait until December. George Bailey’s spirit is alive and well within our streets. P.S. if you’re walkable to Main Street, I’ll swoon.

Hello! My name is Katie Zurich and I live in Madison with my husband, Brian, and our two daughters. We moved to Madison in 2017 and we've never been happier or felt more at home. We're acutely aware that Madison stands out for its superior community presence and its beloved traditions. In a short period of time, Madison has become special to us. We’re so thankful to be a part of this timeless town.

We’re currently on the hunt for our forever home. We believe that our childhood homes shaped us, created a backdrop for memories and magic, and allowed our families to grow safely and lovingly within the walls. 

We’re looking to raise our girls in a house that has gifted others laughter and love. For us, laughter and love are expected and embedded in a house and its history. We’re not Chip and Joanna Gaines, but we can handle a few DIY projects. In other words, if your kitchen lacks granite or has wallpaper, we won’t run.

We’re chasing charm. We’re blessed to come from big families and take our hosting duties seriously. So if you’re dining room allows for a big table where generations can gather, awesome. If you have a corner in the backyard where two little girls can plant themselves in a sandbox or water a fairy garden, cool. If you’ve marked the walls to measure your child’s height, amazing. Every home has a story and I’m desperate to discover and delve into a home where characters have lived and loved.

If you’re thinking about the next chapter, let me know. I’m looking to write mine and we might just co-author something special.