Secret Santas Holiday Collection (book review x3 & giveaway)

SS banner The Secret Santa Holiday Collection includes 3 novellas.  Each book was written by a different author: Erin Quinn, Calista Fox, and Mary Leo.  This book tour was organized by N K Author Services.  I was provided with copies in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

THE SECRET SANTAS HOLIDAY COLLECTION 'Tis the season for heroes and love stories that will make you believe...

Book One: KISSING KRIS KRINGLE by Erin Quinn Book Two: NAUGHTY ST. NICK by Calisa Fox Book Three: ROMANCING RUDY RAINDEAR by Mary Leo

My overall review of 3 book series:

These 3 books were ADORABLE .  It amazes me that the 3 books are by 3 different authors because the writing styles blended so well together.  If I didn't know... I would have assumed the 3 books were all by 1 person.  The authors obviously worked really well together to create North Pole, Maine and the community of characters.  PERFECT stories to read this month.  They truly contain the spirit of Christmas.  The books can easily be read as stand-alone stories.... but if you read one you really should read them all.  (Otherwise you might end up on Santa's naughty list!)

And... I believe in Santa.  These books definitely helped to fill up my Christmas spirit!  :)

About Kissing Kris Kringle by Erin Quinn:

910UrqNMy3L._SL1500_In the spirit of giving and paying if forward, all of the author’s proceeds for Kissing Kris Kringle will be donated to The Animal Welfare League, an amazing organization dedicated to saving animals lives and working to improve the way they are treated and regarded by society.

Kris Kringle is just an average guy living in the tiny town of North Pole, Maine where Christmas isn’t just a holiday—it’s a way of life. But not for Kris. He might be named after the big guy in red, but Kris is more Scrooge than Santa.

Until he wakes up from a night of partying with his friends to find himself in possession of a Santa suit, a toy bag and a puppy. Kris soon discovers that he’s been relegated to Santa’s naughty list and there’s only one way to get his name removed....put on the suit and spread some cheer.

Lucky for Kris every cloud has a silver snowflake and his quest to get off that list lands him in the arms of the woman he’s been lusting after for years.

It takes a little magic, but Kris is about to get everything he didn’t even know he wanted for Christmas.

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My review:

I think this was my favorite of the 3 books.  It could have just been because as the first of the series it was the first time reading about the magical guys night out, and the first of the morning after hangovers.  But... I think there's just something special about a story about the town scrooge being magically forced into become the town Santa.

I love that Santa has put these grown "bad boys" on his naughty list... but given them a way off by helping to bring the Christmas cheer and spirit of the season back to their small home town.  And that fact that in the process... they get their "good girl" of their dreams makes the process all that much more fun.

About Erin Quinn:

Erin Quinn is an award winning author who writes haunting romance for the thinking reader.  Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in in number awards.  Look for THE THREE FATES OF RYAN LOVE, coming in January from Pocket Books.  Go to for more information.

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About Naughty St Nick by Calista Fox:

817mPbsI36L._SL1500_‘Tis the season for Christmas miracles...

Having landed himself on Santa’s Naughty List, Nick Santos is given a chance at redemption. Granted, he’s tasked with some daunting challenges—pimping Santa’s ride and fixing the town’s holiday bling in the once year-round Christmas Capital of the World, North Pole, Maine. But playing Secret Santa comes with some unexpected perks, like finally catching the eye of the woman who sparks his deepest desires, Vixen White.

Vixen has no idea what’s come over Nick this holiday season, but his good deeds around town help her to remember the magic of Christmas, long forgotten. And his sexy grin and a searing, stolen kiss under mistletoe have her wishing her dream of being Naughty St. Nick’s one and only will finally come true.

All she has to believe.

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My review:

While Kris' story might have been my favorite... I did love Nick's story.  I mean... how many guys get to work on Santa's sleigh?  My favorite part of the book may have been when Vixen caught Nick secretly fixing her Christmas lights.  Although... Nick and Vixen also have given me some thoughts about having a sleepover in front of our fireplaces one of these days.


The books are just SO fun... and so totally perfect to read right now!

About Calista Fox:

Calista Fox is a former PR professional, now writing fast-paced, steamy books to set your pulse racing--including the BURNED DEEP trilogy, coming in 2015 from St. Martin's Press! She is an Amazon bestseller and has won Reviewer’s and Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as a Best Book Award, and competitions with publication as the prize.

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About Romancing Rudy Reindear by Mary Leo:

MaryLeo_RomancingRudyRaindear_1400North Pole, Main is a curious town where Christmas is celebrated all year long. And this Christmas is no exception.

Unfortunately, Rudy no longer believes in Christmas and has gotten on Santa's naughty list. Rudy's red nose proves it.

That is until Jenny Bells takes on the challenge of showing him just what 'being good' really means.







My review:

Probably my least favorite of the 3.  I feel like I wasn't given as much of Rudy and Jenny as I was of the other 2 couples.  I think there really could have been more fun with Rudy's red nose... and he got a handle on his problem pretty quickly.

Still... I loved the quick relationship between Rudy and Jenny.  I absolutely loved how much involvement Jenny had with Rudy's Grandfather... and the search for his Grandmother's cookie recipe book had me excited for them to find it.

Oh... and of course how can you not love knowing where Santa's favorite gingerbread cookies are made?  (And the recipe is included!!!  Now, if only they had included a recipe for the Christmas cocktail that put them in their Secret Santa predicaments!)

About Mary Leo:

USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and mystery. She loves to travel for research while she’s writing a book, or for that matter, even when she’s not writing a book . . . which always leads to yet another book.

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The Giveaway:

beautiful sexy girl wearing santa claus clothes  with christmas giftThe holidays have always been a time to gather with the ones you love and share warmth & joy! Spread a little light and cheer by sharing your favorite Christmas memories with us! Could be a stolen kiss under the mistletoe, an unexpected gift from a cherished friend or love, a funny story around the dinner table, or a demonstration of giving and charity bestowed upon someone less fortunate. With so many magical memories made every year in every home, we can’t wait to hear yours!

  The Authors of the Sexy Secret Santas Holiday Collection (Erin Quinn, Calista Fox, and Mary Leo) are offering to share you Christmas stories for all to read on their social media pages!

To submit your story, just write a review for any of their 3 holiday stories (“Kissing Kris Kringle”, “Naughty St. Nick”, and “Romancing Rudy Raindear”), then email a link to your review & your reviewer username to along with your Christmas memory and we’ll select our favorites to be shared each day on the author’s pages!

  Come tell us what Christmas means to you and one moment that brought you true wintertime magic :)

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