A Scattered Life (book review)

A Scattered Life was written by Karen McQuestion. 

The is an "Amazon Exclusive" review from Carolyn Parkhurst that says

A Scattered Life is the kind of novel you’ll want to recommend to a friend without quite knowing how: as soon as you begin to say what the book is "about," all of the possible descriptions seem either too small or too big for the story contained in those pages.


I can completely understand that statement.  I want to say I really loved this book... but I'm not quite sure why.  It was a story that focused mostly on a woman named Skyla... and then fanned out to focus on Skyla's relationship with her mother-in-law Audrey, and her relationship with her new neighbor Roxy.  The story was told through the points of view of all 3 women.  It was about the nothing and everything that is everyday life.  It was written in a way that made me connect with the characters... and at points brought me to tears.

I did like the book... but maybe not enough to rush off to find another book by the author.  But... if I came across another of her books I would pick it up to see what it was about.