Saturday Snow

We had snow today... oh yes we did.

Our neighbor, Jim, works for the town... so we're always happy to see him driving down our street on a snow day!

It was the first snow of 2012 (and the first snow since Halloween weekend!).

We had some happy snow angels in our front yard.

Ana's snow angels only got one arm and one leg at a time.

Zoe's snow angel started out looking like a falling angel.

There was a lot of shoveling done by Nick.

There was a little shoveling done by Ana.

There was a little shoveling done by Zoe.

And even thought there is no picture... I swear there was even shoveling done by me.  Nick even questioned me about the fact that I never shoveled my parents driveway when I was little.  He seems to think I do a pretty good job since I didn't have any childhood practice.  (I think maybe he just wants me to shovel with him more often.)

There were a couple pink cheeks here and there.

And there were also quite a few smiles.

Oh... and then there was this.  This right here is the face that says it's time to go inside for a while.

Where you covered in snow today?