Santa DID actually come to our house...

I just never posted about it.  I was going to skip it altogether.... but I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath.  I'm also sure it makes me look totally sane to post Christmas photos in March. (Oh well... I guess sanity is my last concern after Nick has been in India for 11 days.)  Anyhoo...

We came down the stairs bright and early and the girls were both so excited.  Zoe was exited for the normal reasons... "SANTA CAME!!!!!  HE LEFT ME PRESENTS!!!!"

Ana was excited for a different reason... "SANTA CAME!!!! HE LEFT ME COOKIE CRUMBS!!!!"

Once Ana realized there were presents and she could open them... she was happy about that too.

Oh my girls. 

Zoe was very focused about opening her presents.  I didn't get many pictures of her looking at the camera.

I think the present Zoe may have been the most excited wasn't one she opened for herself... but one she picked out and gave to Ana.  Christmas just get more and more fun as Zoe (and Ana) gets older.  I love that she was just as excited by giving as she was by getting.


(Just a short time ago Ana called Mickey and Minney Mouse both "Mit Mouse."  She uses their proper names now and it almost breaks my heart.)

My little artist was very excited about painting with "magic paint."

The silly monkey may very well have been the most awesome present given to us.  Ana opened it and immediately pointed and said "oo oo ah ah!"  I think absolutely everyone should have a striped monkey.  haha

"OK... that's enough with the ripping paper.  Let's watch some Wiggles."

Zoe collected all of her loot (and some of Ana's I think she wanted to claim as her own) on the couch.  We tried to keep Christmas under control... and the girls still managed to make out like bandits.  We are very fortunate.

Zoe and Ana had many favorite gifts (all of them may have attained favorite status at one point or another in the last couple months)... but I think my favorites were these hooded towels I found on Etsy.  The back of the towel has a "Z" for Zoe in the matching stripes.  Ana's (of course) has an "A" and is the same except the towel is purple.  I think I want one too. 

So, see!  Santa did visit us in December.  We have the photos to prove it!

(And how funny is this one???  Zoe's cheesy smile.  Ana trying to escape by backing under the table.  heehee)

Oh... and look... Nick enjoyed Christmas too. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas (3 months ago)!  It's been fun looking back at our holiday.  Maybe I'll start posting everything 3 months late.