L'Oreal Feria Hair Color And L'Oreal Total Repair

Today's review was supposed to be about hair color. And it is! Sort of. But because of the hair color, I needed a fast fix for some pretty fried hair. Did I find a product that suited the job? Oh you bet your sweet bippy I did! Yer ol' pal Danielle got herself into quite the sticky wicket with dyeing her already-dyed-black hair a very disappointing shade of purple and in the rush to fix what was going on, accidentally found a miracle product that I will rave about until I am blue in the face, because WOW. Now, down to business. Review: L'Oreal Power Violet: Violet Vixen (V48)

Oh readers, I had such high hopes for this hair color. It promised such riches! I bought this "Violet Vixen" and hoped it showed up on my damaged, overly processed hair. It was a big leap of faith! This is what the box promised:


Pretty spiffy, eh? The mixing of the color was a little more involved than the usual "Pour bottle B into bottle A, shake, and apply." There was a "colour booster" tube of high intensity color (mind your bathroom tile) and a tiny bottle of oil to make the color a little more gentle on your hair. Shake all these things together like a mad scientist, and apply.

It was really, intensely bright during the 25 minute wait. My hopes became higher. Visions of luscious violet hair just like the box kept me watching the clock. Finally it was time to rinse, and here's where the instructions got REALLY complex. Usually with home hair coloring, one washes it out with water until it runs clear, then applies the conditioner provided in the box (no shampoo for 24 hours!) rinses, and you're done. With this, however, L'Oreal provided a shampoo, which we are supposed to lather and rinse TWICE before conditioning. This is to protect your pillowcase.

Helpful Hint: It still gets on your pillowcase. Put an old t-shirt over your pillow before bed.

So I followed the directions, and emerged from the shower with very very brittle hair. This is how it came out when it dried.


Can you hear the sad trombone? Yeah. The color was...not great. A muddy, colorless mess. My temples, which had new growth (my hair is very light brown naturally) was more vibrant than my color treated length, but overall the effect was very very subtle. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what the box promised. Oh well.


Bonus Product! This is what saved my damaged hair after the color disappointment.


 Review: L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask

Does EXACTLY what it advertises. Brilliant, astounding results. I could even straighten my hair after all that damage. Glossy, soft as a baby's butt, all in 3-5 minutes. That's it. Here's THAT result.


So all's well that ends well!


disclaimer: All products were chosen, purchased, and paid for by Danielle Vintschger. No compensation or agreement with L'Oreal Paris was involved. All opinions are the author's own.