Remembering the 70s one show at a time.

Zoe and I were just watching Scooby Doo.  I haven't watched it in ages... but it seems about right this week. 

Ana has been obsessed with watching The Magic Garden (OVER and OVER and OVER again).  I bought the DVDs for myself.  It was a favorite show when I was Zoe's age.  I have a record (an actual vinyl record) from the show and when I searched online for a cd version of the record I came across the dvd set and had to have them.  (I found the album on iTunes too.)  Now... it's just about all Ana will watch.

Zoe mentioned Godzilla because someone must have brought it up on the bus.  She started randomly saying "Godzilla... Godzilla?"  and then finally asked me "is godzilla a bad word?".  I couldn't quite figure out how to explain Godzilla... so I Googled it.  The next thing I knew we were watching animated  Godzilla episodes from 1978 on Hulu EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.  I completely forgot that I actually watched that cartoon until I heard the theme song start.  Wow.

So we seem to be stuck in the late 70s.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my birthday last week?  Not that I did it on purpose... but it's interesting that as I edge closer and closer to 40 we're suddenly watching my childhood favorites.  Or perhaps I'm just generally nostalgic.  Who knows.  Whatever it is we're watching Scooby Doo now.  Scooby Doo with Don Knotts as a detective.

So... we're enjoying the 70s.  Our TV viewing has gone slightly retro.  You know what I think?  Those 70s and early 80s writers were brilliant in a way I only see now as an adult.  I'm thinking I might adopt a little Scooby Doo into my every day life.  There is definitely no reason I can't end every single day in the same way every episode ends.

"... and I would have finished the laundry too.... if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

"... and I would have made it to the food store too... if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

"... and I would have exercised every day this week... if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

Sounds good right?