Rant: I HATE sledding!


I can’t think of anything I’d rather NOT do MORE than sledding. I hate sledding. I never even liked it when I was a kid. My main memory is the smell of my own gross breath coming back at me from the scarf my mom made me wear. And she was right! It was super cold and I needed a scarf or to just STAY INSIDE. And we went to the hill behind this old-folks home which is like a mile away from my house or something and then we dragged our dumb sleds all the way and we were exhausted when we got there. And your sled either wouldn’t go or wouldn’t stop and someone was constantly running into you or yelling at you. And there’s no magic carpet! you have to bring your own stupid sled back up the stupid slippery hill. Now I have kids. They. LOVE. sledding!!!! There was even this one time when my son’s friend was over and he threatened to call his mom to go home if I didn’t take them sledding. They were still car seat (though just booster) age and I have three other children, so I didn’t feel comfortable putting them all in the car with maybe not the right car seats without getting approval from the parents. But I didn’t want to call them either. (“Hi Mrs. Soandso, your son blackmailed me into sledding and now I’m going to drive him around with no car seat until we find a place, what do you think?”) So we wound up walking and sledding on maybe private property, me shushing their shouts of glee, ready to collapse operations with  “Cheese it! Its the cops” if the 5-0 drove by. I guess that maybe getting arrested would have looked bad to his parents too.

Of course, it has snowed quite a bit in the last day or so. And I am guiltily hoping that they get the horrible flu my husband currently has just so I don’t have to take them sledding. There’s a post on a local Facebook group about where to sled and the one place they really like to go is being maligned as illegal and too dangerous. Which is totally true. I know personally of a girl who hit her head and missed most of the school year with a concussion all as the result of evil, evil sledding. Cant we just stay home and listen to This American Lifepodcasts?

This post originally appeared at The Ill-Prepared Housewife.