Raise Your Hand & Set Your Schedules

Do you hear it? It's encroaching upon us, slowly, faintly, but nonetheless steadily.  Our lives are about to become busier and our calendars filled. Backpacks and lunches will be packed, various items will be labeled, and routines will be established. It's almost here. Back to school season is upon us.

Raise your hand if you love and loathe the end of summer and start of fall?

And as much as I've made some special memories with my family and savored the lack of schedule, I'm begging for some specific structure. 

This fall I've outdone myself and carved out personal and professional commitments that will require me to secure consistent childcare. If you're an avid reader of the blog, then you know The Babysitters Club of Madison, NJ is a passion project, and we've already launched the website and held a preliminary informational session. Here, we've explained our why.  But we're about to delve deeper and work on our how. This August and September we're hosting introductory meet and greets as a way to connect with our community. For babysitters, we'll provide the plan and opportunity to network, socialize, and grow in skillsets. For parents, we'll explain our training, process, and promise to act as a hub of childcare connections. 

Ultimately, this idea born out of need extends far greater into the power and purpose of a community, which is collaboration. 

I hope you'll join us, inquire about our endeavor, and help promote Madison's newest social networking website. If you're on the fence or unfamiliar with our service then these workshops offer sitters and parents alike the opportunity to learn more and engage with one another. 

As I prepare for all things fall I've made a promise to be more present and less worried. When it comes to childcare, preparation and passion are key. I'm so excited to be a part of this experience.   I'm a big believer that less worry and more presence is necessary for us all. I also know this club acts as a gateway for easier schedules, reliable relief, and greater opportunities.