Pumpkin Picking

I know we're kind of beyond the whole topic of pumpkins and pumpkin picking. I realized that after the one photo I did post I never got around to posting any more of our pumpkin pictures. So... you'll have to just sit back and look at a few late pumpkins. I'll keep the post short and sweet and heavy on pictures. (Oh, and if you didn't realize... I haven't posted our Halloween pics yet either. Maybe you'll get to see them by Thanksgiving. heehee)

Zoe always loves trying to push the big pumpkins around. It's pretty amazing how heavy they are.
Our little model posing with the pumpkins.
The big mountain of huge pumpkins is always fun to climb.
We squeezed Zoe in between a couple pumpkins and she wasn't too thrilled about it.
Well, she wasn't thrilled until she got to hold Ana... then she wasn't feeling too squished.
Ana seemed a little confused about what in the world we were doing.
Our little pumpkin in the sunshine.
Family picture among the pumpkins. (Ana looks like she's trying to figure out how to get that doughnut away from Zoe.)
On top of the world. Well, on top of the pumpkin.
Ana was happy with her tiny pumpkin. Look at those chunky legs!!!
We finally picked out the pumpkins we wanted to take home. Loaded up, happy, and ready to go!
Our fall display. Zoe just HAD to have a JoJo pumpkin. Nice addition, right?

So, much like last year... our pumpkin picking was successful.