Promises of Purpose: Resolve to Get Real

I despise resolutions. Correction, I despise New Year’s resolutions. The resolution bandwagon feels contrived and an overall ill excuse for indulgence throughout holiday festivities. Listen, I’m all for change. I’m the queen of change. Mix it up, dream big, hustle hard. But do it when it’s most difficult or daring to showcase discipline and purpose. It’s easy to shrug off until January, but there’s strength in the face of scariness. Start now.

First things first, I’m getting REAL.

I am carrying baby weight…two years postpartum. I am at a career crossroads and about to figure out exactly what I’d like to do when I grow up. For the record, I’m 36. I am undecided if I can handle a third child. I am investing in saying YES to who and what matters. I am determined to discover more of Madison. I’m contemplating a Wild like inspired journey sans the drama. In essence, a solo adventure.

Here’s the thing: these are proclamations and promises. They’re not grandiose or impossible feats. The hardest part of getting real is recognizing laziness and fear from within.

My promise of purpose for the rest of 2018 and all of 2019 is to get and keep it real. So here I come FitfabMoms. Watch me figure this fika thing out, see me transform through saying YES to the right people and things, unearth more of Madison with me, and find fun in solo situations.

I don’t want numbers driving or dictating my progress. I want to discover and delve into the happiness that is consistent growth and effort. It’s not about next year. It’s about right now.

Make a promise that’s purposeful this holiday season. Resolve to get real. I’ll see you on the path to progress.