Preschool Plans: Operation Occupy Outside of School

Preschool parents, how’s it going? I have two kiddos in preschool this year and I’m starting to get teary eyed thinking of the lightning speed that is parenthood.

Monday and Tuesday my littlest love is at the Madison Co-op in her 2s program and Tuesday-Friday my big kid is doing her thing at the Co-op in the 4s program. It works out that Mondays I get some sweet solo time with my 4 year old and then Wednesday and Friday me and my sassy 2 two year old are partners in crime.

I am perfectly happy to sit at home and hang, but I also love a good local adventure. So if you’re making plans for the preschool crowd, here’s some scoop on the scene.

As always, the Madison Library is bringing their A game when it comes to hosting a wide array of age appropriate activities. I love pre-registering for Art for Tots and I’m also a big fan of drop-ins like the Busy Builders.

I am a huge fan of The Village Play Cafe. Located in Chatham, it provides a safe and clean space for imaginations to wander. Drop-in classes are available, but perhaps my favorite thing about this place is the cafe where I can savor caffeinated beverages while watching my kiddos roam.

The Madison YMCA is the epi-center of opportunity for families in Madison. From parent-child programming to independent ventures, there’s something to be said about the place where you can workout, shower, and pick up kiddos from the always appreciated Kids Central. For parents trying to work on separation anxiety with their little ones, check out their new program, Ready, Set, GO for ages 2-4.

Let’s talk deals. I think Reeves-Reed Arboretum might be one of the best steals for preschool programming. For 10.00, free to members, kiddos ages 3-5 get some awesome nature exposure and education. Walks, stories, and projects keep everyone busy.

Don’t forget the joys of free fun too. Walks to see the leaves at Loantaka, quality time at Dodge Field, the Kindness Rock garden, and the Pirate Playground in West Orange are part of our fall fun to-dos.

I think the key to occupying preschoolers outside of school is to find an activity that gifts you both peace and pleasure. Since I love unstructured time at home, I try to keep outings under two hours. With this said, onward we go.