Preschool Parents, Let's Play!

This week I'm celebrating my one year anniversary as a Madisonian. It's no secret that I've fallen in love with our idyllic town and every day my gratitude grows for the people and businesses that make Madison home. Madison, thank you for an incredible and inspiring year. Here's to many more!

In a lot of ways, it feels like I've lived here forever. I've met and befriended wonderful individuals, talented proprietors, and welcoming and warm families. As a mama, wife, and general social person, the latter has become everything to me. 

When I shopped preschools with my husband I first and foremost wanted a place where it felt like my daughter would be comfortable, grow into her confidence, and play with wonder and delight. I think most parents enter into the process with like-minded goals for their child(ren). However, I wanted something else: socialization. 

Life is all hustle and bustle these days. However, I looked for a place where it would be okay to occasionally linger or grab coffee with a peer parent. As a newcomer to town, I wanted to connect with others in a way that didn't feel forced or inauthentic. I was hoping that as I watched my firstborn spend her first school experience with others, I'd be able to share my own anxieties, adventures, or antics with someone else too. 

So often we talk about the value of playdates for our littles, but what about us? Would I meet and mingle with parents? Would I find and foster friendships that might help me feel more rooted or revived? 

Like most things in life, the preschool scene is set and determined by individual expectations and enthusiasm.

Our daughter's preschool has become an integral aspect of our lives. I've acquired a built-in tribe of support, a network of resources, and diverse community of parental perspective. As I've watched my girl grow and become enriched by her experience, I realize that I'm growing and gaining as well. 

Sometimes the calendar is nothing but blocks of time and chunks of challenges. In all the drops offs, pickups, and playdates, I look for moments of meaningful exchange and camaraderie. I'm happy to report that I've found a preschool where parents play too, families grow together, and the larger community is enriched by the talents and time of all ages. 

Wherever you are in the preschool experience or process, I hope your social sandbox is comprised of kind, generous, and community-driven neighbors. 

Thanks again, Madison.