Preschool Days

As I sit here this morning, Ana is in her 4th morning of preschool. She's back in the same school where she was for toddlers (and where Zoe was for 3 years before that). She's in her big girl preschool classroom now, with the same 2 teachers Zoe had.  It has such a nice familiar feel.

Ana is excited about preschool (I think) although you would never guess that from the way she walks into the building.  She wants me to carry her (and I'm resisting).  She holds onto my hand for dear life.  If she could climb in my pocket and hide I think she would... but she settles for squishing her face into my side and trying to make it so no one can see her.  She covers her eyes and tells me she's going to hide while we walk in.  She acts completely shy.  I honestly don't know if she REALLY is feeling shy and nervous... or if it's just a funny act she's putting on.  So, I'm not quite sure what to do about it other than drag her along into the classroom and just hope it passes.

Honestly... when we were getting into the car the first day she LOOKED and ACTED thrilled.  She was all poses and cheesy grins.  She barely stood still for a few photos before she was racing to the car.  Silly girl.

When she started on Monday we were all finally back to a routine.  Zoe's off to 1st grade.  Ana's off to preschool.  Nick is back to his normal work schedule (including a trip to Spain next week).  And me?  I get a couple of hours to myself 4 mornings a week.  I think I need to make myself a schedule and accomplish a few things (like regularly blogging!).

It's nice to have some time alone... but I sure do miss this silly girl while she's busy doing all of the things a preschool girl does.