PreK Ana

Ana is off to her first day of preschool.  The first day of her last year in LBK.  The first day of OUR last year.  It's a big event for Ana... but it might be a bigger event for me.  It's my 7th first day at the LBK!  Where has the time gone?

Ana picked out her own outfit today.  She felt that the brand new dress that I had picked out as the first day of school dress was just not fancy enough.  I believe she said "but that's just NOT the prettiest!!!!"  So... I gave in and let her decide.  She is definitely a girl with a mind of her own. 

Oh... and Ana told me to make sure that when I shared her first day of school pictures with everyone that I included a picture of her new fancy school shoes.  She said it was very important that everyone saw them.

Everyone is back to routine now.  Nick's at work.  Zoe's at 2nd grade.  Ana's at PreK.  And me?  I'm at home.  Washer and dryer are both running with another load waiting.  Dishwasher is running.  Coffee cup is full.  I'm now sitting and enjoying the sound of everyone being where they should.