Post Blizzard Snow Photos

After our Sunday blizzard this is what Monday looked like.  I think an entire Winter's worth of snow was saved for this one day.

Zoe ran right out the door and greeted the snow with what I will say looked like a big hug for a long lost friend.

Ana was a bit more tentative.  She spent a good 20 minutes keeping her post on the front door step...

spoon in hand...

because, you know... snow... it's what's for lunch.

I ventured out into the road to get a look at what was going on around the neighboorhood...

and to check out our freshly plowed road.

We were curious to see exactly how much snow we got... but our ruler was a little too short.

A quick run in to find the tape measure and we could see the measurement was about 15 or 16 inches (depending on what area of snow you measured).

Snow snow snow... and clear crisp blue skies all day long.

Zoe couldn't get enough.

Playing in the snow is serious business.

After Daddy finished the sidewalk with the snow-blower Ana took a little walk.

Don't we look like a family that enjoys snow?

(By the way... one of the happy smiles in that photo is totally faked.  I can tell you one person in that photo is definitely NOT a fan of being out in snow.)