PopPop and Grammy's House

We spent our Spring break in Florida at Grammy and PopPop's house. 

We did some swimming...

 and some more swimming...

and some more swimming.

We got to meet cousin Phebe (although I've come to realize that I didn't get one single photo of ME holding Phebe).

Ana showed me her new style of smiling.  When she looked at a camera it was usually to make this face (or a similar one).

Phebe took it all in.  (I expect her to be making that face very soon.)

Oh... look... there was more swimming.

Grammy and Pop George watched a lot of swimming.

Nanny and Aunt Prudy watched a lot of swimming.

There may have been a mass drowning.

There was...  um... more swimming.  (Didn't we do ANYTHING else???)

 Oh, look... yes... there was bubble blowing...

and more bubble blowing...

and awe over the princess bubble blowers...

and majorly serious bubble blowing...

and Phebe wondered why the other 4 girls got to blow bubbles when she just got to sit and watch.  "Hey!  Where's my princess bubble blower????"

Time was spent oohing and ahhing over the cutest baby in the house.

Zoe got to spend lots of time with her Florida BFF.  She and Avery LOVE each other.

And Nick... he was the smart one.  While 5 girls were swimming and bubble blowing and being girly (and ok, occasionally crying and perhaps whining) Nick enjoyed relaxing with his magical sound blocking earphones.

Oh... wait... we may have done some swimming.

We might have been a little water logged by the time we came home.

And fine... we DID do a few other things... like go to the beach and also visit a certain mouse (and some princesses).  But mostly... we did a lot of swimming.  (But I suppose I can share those other photos too.)

: )