Poop Happens!

Poop post.... run away now while you still can!!!

I hoped I would make it through motherhood without a poop story to share with the world. Well, not quite. I just hoped I'd get through without a really horrible awful dreaded poop story. I'm still getting through... but today was a close call. Well, some people (like Daddy) might find this devastating... but to us Mommies, I don't think it's so bad. (Definitely not the worst I've heard... and rather clean for a poop story.)

It's a brief story.

Zoe took her nap.
A lovely 2 hour nap.
She woke happily... so I left her to play and sing and jump for a bit.
I listened to the monitor and enjoyed her rendition of the ABCs and I think 5 Little Pumpkins (which they're singing in school).
She got quiet.
I started up the stairs.
I got to the door and listened to "A B C D E F.... oh, stinky poopies! Stinky stinky poopies!"
I walked in expecting "the smell" and was ready for a diaper change.
I found Zoe, standing... bottom half naked... each hand holding a large "rock" of poop.
"Hi Mommy! Look! Stinky Poop!!!!!"

Lovely, huh? I just am thoroughly grateful that lately (and most often) Zoe has VERY solid poop. No mess, but still rather gross. It could have been much worse. I know.

What are the chances she won't do this again? Good right? Last time she'll ever do it? Right?

Come on. Humor me a little.