Picture the Holidays - Holding onto Gratitude

So... my 30 days of NaBloPoMo went so well in motivating me to blog that I thought I would sign up for another 30 day "challenge".  This time I couldn't resist Tracey Clark's latest picture class on Big Picture Classes.  The specific class is called Picture the Holidays and each day Tracey is going to send an e-mail giving us something to focus us.  Nothing specific.  Just something... enough to get you thinking.  The idea is also to keep in mind the things that matter most to us during the holiday season.

There is no requirement to blog.  There isn't even a real requirement to share your photos in the daily galleries.  There is no "grade".  There is just a little nudge of direction and a lot of people sharing photographs. 

That said... I'm going to try to share my daily Picture the Holidays photos here.  I might just share the photo.  I might share the whole thought or story behind the photo.  I don't know.  But... sharing a photo a day all December with (perhaps) a holiday theme?  Sounds like a good way to pass the month.

Todays theme... Holding onto Gratitude.

After a rushed, frazzled, hyper, loud, juggling sort of day that left me without a moment to pick up my camera... I found that I was simply thankful for a  moment of quiet at the end of a hectic day.

What were you grateful for today?