My Permanent Trader Joe's List: Part 2

Last week I shared my Permanent Traders Joe’s List: Part 1. My TJ list is ever-growing, and the only time I take something off it is when they no longer carry it in the store. (Let’s pause here to fondly remember the Tofutti Blintzes my son ate for breakfast every morning from ages 2-4, and the beet hummus that always added a splash of color to the bland tan hummus section…sniff, sniff.) Last week, some readers responded with their favorites, that I’ve now placed on my list to try (though I won’t list them here, since I won’t know if they will remain on my permanent list until I try them) — cauliflower gnocchi, churro bites, falafel mix, cinnamon croissant sliced loaf, and the chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. Thanks for the suggestions! Now, on to my Part 2: My

Potato Pancakes/Traditional Latkes — Latkes: They’re not just for Hanukkah! We eat these little potato pancakes (with apple sauce and sour cream) as a side dish throughout the year, so I’m so glad that Trader Joe’s sells them year-round and doesn’t consider them seasonal foods! I served them at our Hanukkah party this year, too, and everyone gave them rave reviews!

Party Size Mini Meatballs — A quick 1 minute in the microwave and you have great meatballs for appetizers, to put in a meatball sub, or to top your spaghetti. And they are dairy-free, which is hard to find with meatballs!

Tuna Burgers and Salmon Burgers — These are a great quick healthy meal my husband likes to grill up. Try them on a bun, or top them with salsa and beans as an entrée.

Mochilce Dessert — These coconut milk ice cream balls (dairy-free!) are surrounded by sweet mochi (Japanese pounded rice). They are a tasty dessert (though I’m not so sure about piling them into an ice cream cone like they are pictured on the box—we just eat them with our fingers)!

Soft Multigrain Rustico Bread — My favorite lunch is grilled cheese with apples inside made with this bread! Yummmm! And there is also a cranberry pecan version. Both are great toasted for breakfast, too!

Broccoli & Kale Slaw — Note the empty bag. I apologize. As soon as this comes in my front door, I HAVE to make it! My kids devour it! Yes! my kids eat kale and broccoli (well, just this kind). I’ve taken it to friends’ picnics. I may or may not have passed it off as homemade…I guess, technically, since I need to open the package and combine the salad with the enclosed dressing, almond slices, sunflower seeds, and dried blueberries, I can call it homemade?!?

Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend — I haven’t used this much yet, but when I have, I’ve enjoyed it! Instant flavor to so many things!

Mushroom & Company Multipurpose Unami Seasoning Blend — Also haven’t used this much, yet, but it adds a great flavor! I first tried it at the sample section at the back of the store. They had sprinkled it on French fries, and instantly turned them “gourmet.” So I tried it at home, and, yup, got many ooos and ahhs from the family for my gourmet dish!


Cards — The cards at Trader Joe’s are all just 99 cents! And they are awesome! Great quality paper, great colors. Some make you laugh, some are sentimental. I always keep a stash of various types in my drawer.