Peeps (book review)

written by Scott Westerfeld.

Yet another vampire story... but a TOTALLY different take.

A year or so ago I read Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series and LOVED it.  I read the series one book right after the other and couldn't put them down until I was done with them all.  (I did skip the "Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies", though.)  I don't know why I didn't immediately buy more of his books... although it may have had something to do with getting swept up into some other certain vampire series.  ahem.

In Peeps vampirism is a disease caused by a parasite.  Once I got beyond every other chapter being about one type of parasite or another (in most cases... ew) I actually enjoyed the whole idea.  It is more scientific and biological than any other vampire story I've read.  It's interesting to read explanations about why vampires (in this book they are Peeps - or "parasite positive") crave blood, have aversions to light, avoid garlic, etc.  I think from this point on I will have this parasite idea in the back of my mind whenever I read another vampire story or watch another vampire movie. 

And, something Scott Westerfeld wrote about writing the book made me like it even more... "the book had to be original, but also icky, scary, funny, tragic, and (ahem) not sucky."  That right there... that is exactly how to describe this book.

Little aside - I really don't know that I would consider this "young adult" catagory material.  I'm in no way saying I didn't enjoy the book (I've already started The Last Days... the next Scott Westerfeld book).  I'm simply going to say that it would fit more into the adult category.