I'll start by admitting that I am one of those horrible mothers that allows her toddler to watch TV. Not just one show a day, not even just two. Some days I lose count of how many shows we watch. (Although some days the TV doesn't even turn on... well... at least not until after Zoe's bedtime... because hey... I LOVE TV!!!) We even have shows set on TiVo for Zoe... because at any hour of any day we may need to watch Elmo... or Charlie and Lola... or Max and Ruby. Zoe doesn't understand the scheduling of programs and just believes that there is no reason that you shouldn't be able to click the TV on and see something animated at a moments notice. Please don't send the mommy police after me. I will at least defend myself and say that I actively watch all of the shows with her (well most of them... a girls gotta have a minute for a cup of coffee and to check her Google Reader). I am one of those very odd people who just plain enjoys children's TV. We chatter our way through every show... we sing, we dance... and if you were to peek in our window... you might be lucky enough to catch Zoe and I twirling to the theme song of The Backyardigans right along with Tasha, Austin, Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua. (Who came up with that name?)


Anyway... I just thought I would share our new favorite show with you. It is called Peep and the Big Wide World. If you haven't seen it... and you have TLC... you should check it out. We actually saw it for the first time last September while we were on vacation. Since we had to share a room with Zoe she thought it was appropriate to wake us up the exact moment her eyes would open (rather than chat and play in her crib and then fall back to sleep for another hour or so). I became acquainted with a couple earlier shows, and we met Peep and Chirp and Quack. I thought they were cute and they gave me a couple giggles. But... we got home... and slept a little later... and forgot all about Peep.

Last week TiVo decided we should see it again. (It does that, you know... records things it thinks you might just like. Creepy how it knows us so well.) Since then we've added Peep to our list of daily recorded shows. When the show ends Zoe cries "Peep.... Peep.... oh, no..... oh, dear..... Peep back"

I discovered that fun little website. We just can't get enough of the theme song video. I have it memorized and Zoe laughs EVERY SINGLE TIME Peep's egg hits Quack in the head. They have one complete episode available to watch and it says they change it to new ones. I'm desperately hoping they will change it soon because Zoe would watch the same one a gazillion times. When we're done watching the video, and singing the song, and playing a couple games I close the Peep window. When the website is closed Zoe cries "Peep.... Peep.... oh, no..... oh, dear..... Peep back"

So... step aside furry red monster... we've moved on to a little yellow chicken, a little red bird, and a little purple duck! (But don't step too far away... we may be over our new friends and begging for some Elmo before we know it!)

If you've seen this show... or you have a chance to watch it now... let me know what you think. Is it cute and funny and clever... or am I just delirious from too much animation?