Parents, Give Me Your Teenagers

Colleen and I have a vision. In our club, we combine professional passions with parental needs. We long to connect babysitters to parents and parents to babysitters. It’s more than a gig, it’s a good opportunity to forge relationships, emphasize community engagement, provide services and workshops, and build a generation that is focused on responsible and innovative employment. Sure, it’s just babysitting to some. However, we know it’s much more than a one time supply and demand situation. It goes beyond babysitting and becomes the marker of something so Madisonian, which is community connection. Being tapped into where we live means becoming or supplying the village for others. We know we’re onto something. Parents are lining up and longing for all the things we envision. Our problem remains that we’re missing the central component to all things Babysitters Club, which is the babysitters themselves. Where are you? If your teenager is looking for money, we applaud them. We think we can help them find this and something more. Tell them to go on over to and register. Parents and sitters, registration is currently free. We’ve got something for everyone. Note: logging in and registering is the first step. Shortly thereafter you’ll receive a code to complete and activate the profile.

Dear Parents,

I write this to you from todderville. Do you remember those days? I’m sure there are flashbacks and fond memories, and I hope you’ll give me teenager advice when my time comes. For now, I’m in the land of naps, tantrums, wonder, silliness, and joy. As I take in everything and try to learn about balance and boundaries, I’m in desperate need of babysitters.

If you’re new to our site, here’s where you’ll find some important background information. We need sitters of all age levels and experiences to come partake in our process.

For our younger crew, we offer workshops like CPR, first aid, child development, and age appropriate activities. These opportunities are for the inexperienced or those in need of more comfort and confidence.

For our older high school and college sitters, we offer the chance to join with no workshop requirements. However, we offer access to all of our materials and reduced rates for things like CPR certification, which we believe is an important lifeskill for any childcare provider. Furthermore, we care deeply about job training and skill development. We regularly host mock interviews or resume writing classes to help foster the necessary mindset in a competitive job market.

Ultimately, we strive to connect sitters with parents and to alleviate stresses for both parties. Right now we’re opening up the club to anyone interested with no fees or dues for the first three months. All sitter information is protected and solely accessible to parents who have joined our club. We pride ourselves on privacy and professionalism.

We’d love to connect with your teenager. If they’re able and willing to join, reach out to for the promo code and/or more information.