Paper Mill Playhouse


My three-year-old has a penchant for dramatics. Whether it's an intense scene in Moana or an interpretive dance, this girl loves all things theater. And while we've definitely indulged in fun outings, like Frozen on Broadway, we prefer and try to pursue simplicity for experiences.

When I moved to Madison the Paper Mill Playhouse became a constant recommendation from friends and neighbors. While I had heard of it, I hadn't been and I didn't know anything about their children's shows. After numerous conversations, I decided to investigate further.

Pete the Cat was listed as an April performance and my daughter adores the books so it seemed like an easy choice. Affordability is always appealing. For 12.00 a ticket, it felt like a win.  This past Saturday we attended the show. It was amazing.

Upon arriving we wandered over to the small crowd near the koi pond. There's something about big fish that can occupy kids for hours. For ten minutes we stared and celebrated fish swimming as if it was an Olympic sport. Honestly, I love simple stuff like this because it feels like the good old days.

Once in the theater, I knew a pitstop at the concession stand was inevitable. Cheers to the Paper Mill Playhouse for not price gouging. A big bag of pretzels and water cost us 6.00, which didn't offend me and served us well. In fact, it lasted throughout the show's entirety.

After we got settled in our seats we had time for our chit-chat tradition, which is something I covet on our mommy and me outings, and I realized a booster seat was needed. The usher was kind enough to point me in the right direction before the show started. It felt familial and fun to be around so many excited kiddos.

Whenever I'm in a situation where quietness and stillness are requirements for kids, I get nervous. The best part of attending children's shows is knowing you're in good company. An occasional over excited yelp or loud whisper of "I need to go potty" are not out of the ordinary.

The show was very good and perfectly paced. It ran a little over an hour.  With no intermission or lengthy running time, it's clear someone was acutely aware of audience needs and expectations.  It was perfect for the preschool and elementary school-aged crowd.

I am excited about exploring future performances, especially given the positive experience I had this past Saturday. Sometimes it's a struggle to find the "just right" activity for my dramatic loving girl. I'm happy to say that the Paper Mill Playhouse gifted us giggles, drama, and memories. For that and so much more, I'm thankful.