Pants! No Chance! (book review & giveaway)

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About the book:

Pants No ChanceLulupop rarely puts up a fuss, except when it comes to wearing pants. Dresses, dresses, dresses, is all she will ever wear! With time, a little drama, and no lack of imagination, Lulupop realizes that wearing dresses is not always the best choice.









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My review:

Oh my goodness.  Give that little girl blond hair and this book could be about Ana.  She's SO much better about pants now (she's 6)... but we had a long span of time (YEARS) where nothing but dresses or skirts would do.  And... for about 3 months... a tutu had to be involved in Ana's outfit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  (Then it was a tiara EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  But... that's another book.)

Like Lulupop's mom... I kind of let Ana get away with just about anything concerning her wardrobe.  I found, like Lulupop's mom, that eventually the experiences of freezing legs, or bug bites, or scraped knees, lead to little girls that are agreeable to pants.  Sometimes.  Thankfully... Ana wasn't TOO opposed to leggings.

Ana really enjoyed this book.  It was fun to read with her... since she can now look at the situations and realized that certain things call for pants.  And... certain occasions (or random days) need a tutu.  It's all good.

About the author:

 Susan LanyiSusan Lanyi lives in Montreal with her husband, three children and puppy. She is a writer and has previously been published in The Globe and Mail. When Susan is not busy writing or doing "mom stuff" she is shopping for dresses with her daughter….too bad her daughter only wants to wear pants!

Connect with Susan:  Website  ~  Twitter


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