Our Trip to Long Beach Island (NJ)


Our vacation was wonderful. We stayed at the Seashell Motel and Beach Club in Beach Haven, NJ (on Long Beach Island). We had stayed there in September and had horrible weather... this time the weather was perfect. Not too hot... a nice breeze from the ocean kept it cool... sunshine with one morning of showers. We tried to stick with Zoe's normal schedule. She napped a little later and for a shorter time... and went to bed a little later. We're very lucky in that it seems she's a pretty flexible little traveler.

I've been busy going through all of our vacation pictures. I'm slowly getting everything ready to share with everyone. I think I've decided the best way to put them on the blog would be to go day by day.  When each one is complete (there will be 6) I'll post them with a brief (?) post of how we spent each day. Hopefully all will work out quickly and painlessly.