Our Thoughts on the Volkswagen CC

Yes... it's a 2nd VW review.

Do you really think Nick was thrilled with the fact that of ALL the cars we could have driven (both Volkswagen and Infiniti) I set us up to test drive a Routan minivan?  Yeah... his reaction was something like "Really?  A minivan?  Don't we do that all the time?"

So, when we finished testing out the Routan Nick asked if we could take a spin in the CC.  I figured her could add a little review on this vehicle too.

Nick's thoughts: We didn't spend as much time with this as the Routan.  Quick thoughts:

-Killer exterior looks.

-Nice handling, decent acceleration.

-Great interior.

-Not sure about the rear seating- only two bucket seats and miniscule headroom.

-Stick shift only available only for the 2.0 Turbo front wheel drive.  I would LOVE a V6 AWD with a stick.

Nick's bottom line: I could own this car.  Colleen was afraid I was going to start "doing the math" about buying one.  Unfortunately, we can't swing it...

*Colleen's favorite detail about this car?  The removable rubber liners to all the cup holders.  My cup holders always end up filthy.  How awesome to be able to just take the liners in, rinse them and put them back.  Such a great little thing.