Our Thoughts on Tommee Tippee Bottles and Sippy Cups

I signed up as a reviewer for Mom Bloggers Club and was picked to do a review on some Tommee Tippee products.  Tommee Tippee baby products are Britain's #1 feeding brand... and they are now available here in the U.S. at Babies R Us. 

I received  my Tommee Tippee package a little over a week ago and was excited to see I had been given one Closer to Nature 9oz bottle (which comes with a slow flow nipple), a package of 2 medium flow nipples, and 2 Explora Truly Spill Proof trainer cups.

We tried out the Closer to Nature bottle the very first night for Ana's bed time bottle.  (Yes... she's 19 months old and still gets a bottle.  Go ahead... judge me).  I LOVE this bottle.  It's just a simple bottle.  No extra parts to worry about.  Cap, nipple, ring, bottle.  As simple as it is it's still pretty high tech.  The nipple has what they call an "anti-colic, anti-gas, advanced easi-vent valve".  In simple terms... it's a little vent.  Usually simple bottlesend up having the nipple suction into the bottle as you drink.  With the Tommee Tippee bottle Ana could drink and drink and drink and the nipple stayed perfectly shaped  Air was allowed in... but absolutely no leaking or dripping out of the vent.  It worked perfectly.  If Ana wasn't going to be giving up the bottles VERY soon I would totally replace all of our bottles with these.  (A little side note... as Nick gave Ana her bedtime bottle he commented that it was "very boob-shaped" which I believe supports their claim that the bottle allows for easy transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding.)

Some positives about the Closer to Nature bottle:

- Simple bottle... no extra parts.

- Easy to wash... and dishwasher safe.

- Nipple kept it's shape while drinking.

Some negatives about the Closer to Nature bottle:

- I was a bit confused about whether or not the easi-vent valve was supposed to be in a certain position while drinking.  Ana put it wherever and it didn't seem to make a difference... but maybe it was supposed to be up?  I wasn't clear.

I had mixed feelings about getting the training cups.  Generally... I do not like cups with handles.  I don't ever buy them.  I had a couple for Zoe early on... and almost immediately threw them away.  Someone gave me one for Ana a while ago and I dumped it right into our donate collection.  I just don't like them.  The handles never seem to line up properly with the handles.  That annoys me.

I was sent 2 Explora Truly Spill Proof trainer cups... which are sippy cups with handles.  (Ugh)  The cups are well made and the material for the spout and handles has a nice soft feel.  I was almost shocked to find that the sippy spout actually lines up properly with the handles.  I unscrewed that cap and replaced it dozens of times and started it in all different positions.  It lined up perfectly.  EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

Ana is a little old to need a training cup but she was still excited to see a new cup with a "froggy ribbit ribbit" on it.  As soon as I gave her a cup to try Zoe decided it wasn't fair.  Ana had a new cup and she didn't.  Thankfully I got a 2 pack.  So... the training cups were tested out by my 19 month old AND my 4 1/2 year old. 

The claim that the cup is "truly spill proof" is pretty much true.  If the cup tips over or gets dropped you don't end up with a big spill... or a spray of liquid... like some other sippy cups allow to escape.  BUT... Ana was able to get a decent amount of juice out on her tray with her normal banging.  No worse than any other cups though.

Some positives about the Explora trainer cup:

- The handles actually line up with the spout.

- Easy to clean no spill valve system

- Easy to drink from... but difficult to spill.\

- The materials have a nice soft feel.

Some negatives about the Explora trainer cup:

- The handles lined up with the spout... but I'm still not sure which cup was really correct... or if there is a "correct" way. 

Absolutely love love love the bottle.  Not sold on the trainer cup with handles... but I'm definitely going to try out some of the other Explora cups.