Our Thoughts on Pure Matters

photo from purematters.com

I was invited by Mamasource (Mamapedia) to try out a couple of products from Pure Matters (all natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements).  I accepted since it included their new kids line... and I'm all about keeping my kids healthy.  Taking vitamins/minerals/or supplements for myself?  Meh.

I'm ready for lectures about taking better care of myself... starting... now.

I am not a person who takes any kind of vitamins with regularity.  Don't get me wrong... I'll go through phases where I'm a daily vitamin taker.  I'll buy a bottle of whichever brand of daily vitamin aimed at women and I'll take it.  When the bottle is empty... I may or may not buy another bottle right away.  As far as taking specific vitamins or knowing what vitamin and mineral do what to improve your whatever... don't look at me.

I get confused by it all.  I've had people say "oh... you should be taking a Vitamin-B complex for such-and-such" or "Oh! I take Vitamin-C every day to improve this-and-that" or "I take this and this and this and this because it's what a woman our age should be taking to improve blah-blah-blah".  I just can't keep track... so I don't take anything (for the most part).

That said, if somebody points me in a direction and gives me easy to understand information and directions... I'm all for trying things.  Pure Matters seems to do just that.

Some positives about Pure Matters in general:

-The prices on the Pure Matters site are comparable to other products I've purchased.

-I'm a visual person... I like their packaging.  It has a clean simple look.  I can look at the package and be really clear about what I'm getting and what it's for.  (ex... the Complete Biotic says "for digestive health". Simple.)

-The website is really user friendly.  They're clear about what product is for what.  They're clear about warnings of what product shouldn't be taken with certain medications. 

-Free Shipping!

-They're starting a "Pure Rewards" program for just shopping at the site.

-If you have an FSA you can use it.

-Ready Refill program.  For someone like me that finishes a bottle and just doesn't think to get more... auto shipped right to me.

-100% Guarantee.  (Full refund for returns within 1 year of purchase... no questions.)

-I looked into their Women's daily vitamin and it looks like it has everything and MORE than what is in the vitamin I usually take!  Yippee!

Some negatives about Pure Matters in general:

- Nothing is perfect.  The description of the Complete Biotic tells you to "take 2 capsules with a meal"... the letter that came with my samples says "take 2 capsules once a day, preferably on and empty stomach".  Vitamins/minerals/and supplements CONFUSE ME.  (I didn't actually take the Complete Biotic yet... since I'm going to e-mail and ask for clarification.)

-For me... it's all still too much to figure out.  I'll probably stick with their specific women's daily vitamin.

I was excited to have the girls try a new vitamin.  While I don't seem to care about my own vitamin intake I've always been good about giving Zoe and Ana the suggested multi-vitamin.  Lately they are less than thrilled to take my go-to-brand.  They want gummies.  But... the gummies never seemed to have as long a list of included vitamins and minerals.  The Pure Matters gummies seem to have a pretty complete list though (at least... the regular ones.  not so much the sugar-free.)

The girls happily tried out the Pure Matters Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamins.

Some positives about Pure Matters Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamin Gummies:

-They taste really good.  The girls actually asked for their vitamins if I forgot to give them.

-They are soft and gummy... not chewy and don't stick to your teeth.

-Not fight to get the girls to take a vitamin.  It's never left on their breakfast plate.

Some negatives about Pure Matters Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamin Gummies:

-They taste really good!  I absolutely have to keep these out of reach or they would be eaten like candy.

-I wouldn't pick the Sugar-Free.  The "sugar" ones just don't have that much sugar that I'd be concerned... and for whatever reason the regular ones seem to be more "complete" like the vitamins my girls usually take.  :)

-The gummies all stick together in the jar.  I had a hard time getting the individual vitamins to dump out of the container.

Disclosure: I was sent samples of Pure Matters products through Mamasource.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.