Our Thoughts on The Best of Elmo 2

I was sent a copy of The Best of Elmo 2 to watch and review.  It arrived while we were away on vacation and if was wonderful to find waiting for us when we came home.  After traveling there is really nothing we want to do more than plop in front of the TV with a good DVD.

The first Best of Elmo DVD is one of my favorite Sesame Street DVDs.  It really was just full of the very best.  I wasn't sure how the second collection would stand up to the first... but, The Best of Elmo 2 did not disappoint.   It is just as packed full of "bests".

The music clips are tied together with a really cute story.  Elmo is walking down Sesame Street when he runs into a robot who is running very low on power.  It turns out the robot is a "Memorybot" who is powered by memories.  Elmo happily helps him charge up by sharing all of his memories of special times he's had with friends.  In the end, he ends up making some new memories with Memorybot as well.

Some of Zoe and Ana's favorite parts...

- Elmo singing his "Elmo's Riding" song.  (We're all about bike riding right now.)

- Destiny's Child singing "New Way to Walk".

- Adam Sandler singing a rhyming song all about Elmo (Only Adam Sandler could get away with rhyming so many "words" with "Elmo"!!!)

Some of MY favorite parts...

- I could listen to Feist sing "1, 2, 3, 4" all day long. 

- I'd go "Outdoors" with Jason Mraz any day as long he sang and played his guitar.

Least favorite part...

- David Beckham talking about the meaning of persistent.  (Really?  That was a BEST?)

Sesame Street has done it again and made a wonderful collection of favorite segments.  You just can't go wrong with Sesame Street.  I imagine it will end up being a favorite in a lot of children's DVD collections.

The Best of Elmo 2 is available in stores now.