Our Little Snow Bunny

Zoe loves the snow. She just loves to get on her boots and hat and mittens. She likes to get bundled up and just go out in the cold. I'm not sure why. I don't get it.

Another thing I don't quite get... shoveling. Zoe enjoys shoveling. What is that all about???

The new snow day thing... Zoe announces "I'm going!" She'll keep repeating it. "I'm going! Mommy, I'm going! I'm going!" If I ask her "Where are you going?" her answer is just "I'm going!" But... if my response is "OK, bye!" she waves and takes off on a walk while yelling "OK, I go by myself now. I'm going!" And... if I follow her (without asking) she keeps yelling "I go by myself! Mommy, you stop! Freeze Mommy! I go by myself!". If I do ask permission ("Zoe, can Mommy come too?") she will give in with an "OK, you come too." (The tone kind of says "oh I suppose so, if you must")