Our Little Buttercup

June 18, 2011

Zoe danced in her 4th dance recital this year.  She always impresses me with her love of performing.  Not a bit of stage fright.  She's so at ease going on stage.  She definitely didn't inherit that trait from me. I hope that stays with her... and I hope it carries over into things like giving oral reports and speaking in front of groups. 

Zoe's dance recital has been at the Y the last 3 times... but this year they moved it to Morristown High School.  MHS happens to be where I graduated from, so it was interesting for me to be in the school again and to sit in the auditorium.

My Aunt Prudy also went to the recital with us.  Aunt Prudy also graduated from Morristown High School (in the 1940s... I can't remember the exact year.) 

I took a ton of shots during the actual dance.  There's no flash allowed... and it's dark.  That said... I'm pretty happy that I was able to take photos.  (Zoe's front row, 2nd from the right.)

She might be just a slightly thrilled to have her 4th dancing trophy.  (Zoe's the 4th from right... huge smile.)

We also took a video with out little Flip.  Again, dark... oh well.  Maybe we'll need to think about updating our video taking options soon.  (Zoe is pretty much center video most of the time.  She's 2nd from the right in the front row.)