Our Family Tree

Zoe generally does not get homework.  You heard me right... a kindergartner with no homework.

(I'm curious... do you have a kindergartner?  Do they get homework?)

Anyway, usually we don't have homework.  I think maybe it's because when we do get a bit of homework... it ends up being a major project... like making a family tree.  With no real instructions other than "I'm leaving it up to you!  Include photos! Be creative!" 

Yeah!  Woo Hoo!  Creative!  And oh, yeah... it's not due for 2 weeks so it better be good!

After procrastinating for a week I thought we better get started on Zoe's family tree.  Since Zoe has been getting quite good with cutting I thought she could cut out the leaves.  I googled "leaf pattern" (since I'm lazy like that) and found a nice simple leaf that I thought Zoe could color and cut out.  While she was coloring (and deciding specifically what color was perfect for every family member) I went to work finding photos for her to choose from.  (Let me tell you, I don't know if other photo programs do it... but the iPhoto program does this face recognition thing... and while it's a little odd to have 2 dozen little squares with 1 persons face staring at you... it sure makes it easy for a 5 year old to pick her favorite face to print!)

Zoe had all of her leaves colored and cut out and I had all of our faces printed and cut out.  Zoe went to work gluing all faces to the proper leaves.

Once all of our leaves were ready we went to work on our tree trunk and branches.  I drew an outline for Zoe and she decided she wanted to paint.  (Yeah!  Complex!  Multi-medium art going on here!)

So... we had our leaves and we had our tree. (Please do not make fun of my tree.  I know it's sad.  At one point in my life I think I was sort of artistic... I'm not sure what happened.)

A little glue stick magic and our family tree was complete.  (See?  My ugly tree didn't turn out so badly once Zoe added the leaves, right?)

So... we've got...

On the left


In the middle:

On the right


Grandma-orange           Daddy (Nick)-gray             PopPop-brown

Grandpa-blue                Mommy (me)-blue             Grammy-purple


Aunt Andrea-green              Ana-orange                   Uncle Jim-green

Uncle Gene-brown                                                   Aunt Erica-purple

        Larisa-green                                                        New baby cousin-red

Alex-red                                                                   Grace-green

Nina-yellow                                                              Avery-purple

(Did you see that... new baby cousin-red???  Zoe insisted that our tree needed a blank leaf so when my brother's new baby girl is born in a few months there is a leaf for her.  So cute.  So yes... that blank red leaf is there on purpose.  I will admit that it does make me happy that our tree is even though.)

Quite an attractive family tree... if I do say so myself.

Have your child (or you) ever had to make a family tree?  How did you do it?  I'm finding that I really want to go in to Zoe's class to check out everyone else's family trees.

(Wait... maybe I should post this on Tuesday so I can be a part of Crafty Tuesday?  Does this count for me being crafty?  It really should... it's about as crafty as I get.)