Our Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was wonderful. Well... it was wonderful with the exception of Nick being sick. He had spent the weekend with a stomach bug that was just not ready to let go. He was better... but not enough to go to dinner, church, and his parents' house. So, Zoe and I headed out without him.

100_4036 2.jpg

We started off putting on our "pretty dresses" and picking up Aunt Pru (or if you're Zoe... it's just Pru). We planned to have an early dinner (4:30). We ate at Bensi... and the food was delicious. I need to go there again.

After dinner we went to the Christmas Eve service (6:00). We met Zoe's Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Andrea, Uncle Gene, Larisa, Alex, and Nina at the church. It was a long service but Zoe did quite well. I wish I could say the same for my back. After an hour and a half of picking up Zoe, putting her down, picking her up, putting her down... my back was killing.

From church we heading to the grandparents' house to exchange gifts. Before opening presents we celebrated Alex's birthday. He was born on Christmas Eve! Zoe liked the ice cream cake... but was mostly excited about the candle blowing. After everyone finished enjoying the ice cream we headed into the Christmas tree. The kids all had a wonderful time opening presents... and the adults all had fun watching (and opening up a few presents too!)

When Zoe and I got home from the grandparents' house and dropping off Aunt Pru it was pretty late. We didn't have much time before Santa would show up... but Zoe was excited to show Daddy what presents she had opened. She was especially excited about her new stove and the apron, hat, and "mitten" that came with it.