Our Christmas Day

(alternate title... Zoe gets spoiled!)

Christmas Day was lovely. I'm not quite sure how Santa fit anybody else's presents in his sleigh... because it looks like Zoe had enough packages to fill it up. It's a good thing Santa is magic... or he would have had to have made quite a few trips up and down that chimney and it would have taken him all night.

Zoe started off by sleeping until after 8. Mommy and Daddy were quite happy with that. She even wanted to snuggle in our bed a little before heading downstairs. When we did go downstairs she was quite happy to see her tree all lit up and surrounded by presents. This is the first holiday where she has happily opened all of her presents with minimal help.

Zoe's present wrapping style caused us to take about 2 hours to open presents. She would open a gift and play with it. We'd ask if she wanted to open another. She would open a gift and play with it. No gift could just be opened and then moved away from. Everything had to be played with. We finally had breakfast at about 11:00... when we were all starving.

Some of the highlights were the kitchen set (although Zoe is still asking "Where's my food?" because that wasn't included... I don't know how Santa forgot to include some play good.), a Fisher Price digital camera, Diego's Rescue Station, Fisher Price My First Doll house, a small wooden drum set, 2 dolls, a doctor kit, a tool belt, lacing beads, a vacuum, and some clothes. The winner of the award for Zoe's favorite Christmas gift (by a landslide) is a pair of pink Crocs she got from Grammy and PopPop. We can barely get them off of her feet. She puts them on first thing in the morning (even with footed pjs) and wears them until getting in the bath. She even naps in them. And, after bath... they go right back on. It has gone beyond just liking them... she is obsessed. Oh, and she calls them Cwocs.

The gift Nick has been enjoying the most is a remote controlled Dragonfly. My parents gave it to him. Zoe and I enjoy watching it fly around too. I'll have to post a video of that.

My favorite gift... a remote starter for my car. I am so excited that I can now get my car warmed up on snowy mornings without even going outside. And in the summer... I'll be able to cool it down before going out in the heat. I also got Crocs. I never thought I'd have them (because I think they're quite ugly) but boy are they comfy. The pair I have even has the fuzzy liner. I've been wearing them a lot... but not as much as Zoe.

After breakfast we relaxed for a bit and randomly played with Zoe's new toys. Once everything was out of the boxes and nicely arranged around the tree it didn't look as overwhelming as when the wrapped gifts were there. Still... Zoe was spoiled. She has more toys than any one child needs. We're still not quite sure where it's all going to go.

Zoe happily and easily went down for her nap (wearing Crocs) which made it easy for me to start cooking Christmas dinner. Spiral sliced ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies, veggies, and more veggies. By 4:30 we were sitting down to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa (Nick's parents) and Aunt Pru (my grandfather's sister). Once everyone was properly stuffed we all enjoyed watching Zoe show off her new things. She was quite happy to run around taking pictures of everyone with her new camera.

So... all in all... a successful Christmas. Very merry!