Organizing Yourself For Fall - 5 Tips to Get a Handle on "Stuff"

We're about a week into fall. Now that kids are well settled at school and you have some time for yourself, do you want to get organized for the season? We know life gets busy. We’re always working to balance family, kids, work as well as our own personal life. So, how do you handle your messes?


Here are some tips to help you rein it in when your ’stuff’ gets out of hand:

1. Pick a place to start, preferably the most challenging area first, while you have to most energy and enthusiasm. Once you complete the area you want to avoid the most, everything else feels so much easier.

2. Handle one item at a time until the area is at its best.

3. Open your mail every day. Have a designated spot for your important mail once you have opened all your mail.

4. If you have a stray piece of paper that needs filing, create a new folder for it. Have a box of file folders at the ready.

5. Clear your desk top of all personal mementos. Hang them on the walls, place them on shelves, but give yourself space to work at your desk, without distractions.

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