I've come across quite a few people lately who have talked about backing up their photo files. I personally am very bad about this. Reading about people who have had their computers go crazy and eat up all of their photos... that gives me major moments of fear and anxiety. Still... I'm bad about the backing up.

We do have an external drive specifically for saving photos and videos. But... like the normal hard drive... it could suddenly fail. I also print a lot of our photos because I am stuck on having albums to flip through. And, I upload just about everything to Snapfish. And, of course, now there's the blog. But I still worry about losing my photos... my memories.

I've started organizing my photo files in hopes of starting to burn disks, or save to a 2nd drive, or something (what do you do?). I've found it's very very easy to rename my files through Picasa. I'm so much happier having the file names all the same format (especially using the date the photo was taken since I no longer date stamp photos).

So that's what I'm working on while I sit here at the computer with a sleeping Ana in my lap. I figure I might as well be productive even while I'm trapped in this chair. It's a tedious job... but I've been enjoying it. My main enjoyment? Scanning through and finding photos like this...

Zoe exactly 3 years ago today.
How could I ever bear it to lose photos like this???

What methods do you use to backup your photo files? I'm still not settled on what I'm going to do.