Organize the kitchen, just like that and a giveaway for our readers!

I am a sucker for organizational aides. I love a bin. I think I have the plastic kind with a lid in all sizes from acorn to oak grove. And several of them are the food storage kind. So when Youcopia, a charming storage solution company founded by a daughter-dad team, offered us a chance to try out their food storage organizer, I was intrigued.


They sent me a Drawer StoraStack (also available here), which is for food storage containers. Like many of their products, it looks a bit like old school wire record album storage. But instead of records, you can put food storage lids, and there's an area for the containers themselves right next door. It worked very well, mainly because it was easy to assemble, completely adjustable and did not screw into or stick on my drawers in any way. That last one is a major plus in my opinion. I have had it in my drawer for a few weeks and it is still totally working for me. I may have to get some more, even though it holds 12 containers. I have what seems like 4,000 containers. But I may be exaggerating.


I also got a StoreMore Bakeware Rack. This one I had to fight my daughter for, because it really could be used to store record albums. But because of the adjustability, I was able to fit all of my bakeware in it -- cake pans, cupcake tins etc. Instead of a messy stack of pans that I couldn't never quite find what I needed in without making enough noise to wake the dead, it's a nice vertical filing system. Madeleines anyone? I know exactly where the appropriate pan is now!


A slight variation in design makes the Bakeware Rack into a StoreMore Lid Holder (also available here). A little dip in the middle of each wire rack accommodates the handle on the top of your pot and pan lid. And just like that, you can find the right pot lid just when the rice begins to boil!

You don't have to take my word for it -- we're giving one of their products to a lucky reader! You can enter the giveaway below. And check out their full line of products (I have my eye on the CoffeeStack) here.

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