On-the-Go Writing for Kids

I was one of the Class Coordinators (i.e. “Class Moms”) for my son’s second grade class. As the end of the year approached, we had a bit of extra money (about $3 per kid) from the class party fund, so the teacher suggested that we use the money to get something for the kids to use over the summer.

After a trip to the Dollar Store and some brainstorming, I came up with the Writing Idea Clip Board. I bought a clip board, a pen, and a pad of paper for each kid in the class. I clipped the pad of paper to the board, and tied the pen to the board with a piece of ribbon. My kids loved having their own clip board they could take anywhere to draw/write, so I figured I’d take it one step further and include a few ideas they could do with it. (I was also hoping it would encourage kids to be off technology and get outside to be creative!) I sat down to list fun creative writing and art ideas they could do with the boards, and wrote these ideas on the back of each board.

  • write a movie or book critique

  • make a family newspaper

  • try your hand at poetry

  • write a letter

  • draw a self-portrait

  • make a cartoon

  • create a recipe—then make it!

  • doodle

  • write new lyrics for your favorite song

  • write a message in code. Make a key.

  • design a board game

  • go outside and sketch

  • turn your favorite book chapter into a play

  • do leaf or bark rubbings

  • design a book cover

  • make a mini book

On the last day of school, each kid received their clip board. I have no idea if they used them to be creative over the summer (though I did see one of the parents use it when she coached my daughter’s soccer team a few years later!), but I hope that the boards at least gave kids ideas for ways they could get creative on the go!