The Olympus Cloud (book review)

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Olympus Cloud from Sage's Blog Tours in exchange for an honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

The Olympus Cloud was written by Stephen Randel.


About the book:

Do you ever wonder what your dog is dreaming about when its paws twitch? You might be surprised….

Some dogs can spend up to sixteen hours a day sleeping. For Max, a pugnacious French bulldog from Texas, this provides plenty of time for him to explore the world through his vivid imagination. His dreams are a doorway to excitement and adventure. Whether he’s solving mysteries, rescuing other animals, or just plain saving the day, Max’s heroic exploits carry him around the block, around the country, and even around the planet. From the plains of Africa to the battlefields of France and into outer space, Max matches wits with everything from a zombie accountant to rodent gangsters and a myriad of mythical creatures. And in the end, the fearless and faithful little dog always makes it home in time for dinner.

My review:

I read the description of this book and just KNEW that Zoe would love it.  (I wasn't so sure about myself.)  Zoe's read a number of books that give animals a more human character and set them off on adventures.  She has a real love of animal stories.  I've read Zoe's favorite series to Ana as well.... and lets just say I've been really tempted to accidentally return those books to the library before we've finished them.  (A couple of them actually were returned before finished... I just couldn't take it.)  I know children's books need to be appropriate for children... but oh my gosh... the drivel!

The Olympus Cloud description promised a lot that I usually love it books.  And, the fact that Stephen Randel has an adult series (The Chupacabra Trilogy books 1 & 2) with really positive reviews had me hopeful that his dog adventure would be worth the read.  After reading the book... all I can really say is FINALLY someone that can create an animal adventure book that my kid will love... but that I'm actually happy to read too!  Max's adventures are just full of action.  He travels all over the world and experiences so many different things.  The author does an amazing job describing the locations and creates a really visual story.  After reading the book myself, I'm happy to pass it on to Zoe (my 9 year old) and I have no problem with the idea of reading the story (again) aloud to my 6 year old.  (And, I've added Stephen Randel's adult series to my to be read list!)

Oh... and that book cover??? SO CUTE!!!

About the author:

Stephen Randel was born in Houston, Texas.  He is a graduate of Texas Christian University.  Steve now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and their rescue dog.  He is the author of The Chupacabra: A Borderline Crazy Tale of Coyotes, Cash & Cartels and Trail of the Chupacabra: An Avery Bartholomew Pendleton Misadventure.

Visit Stephen on his website.  Purchase The Olympus Cloud on Amazon.