Oh how I love these girls...

Ana - 16 months

Zoe - 4 years 16 months

I have so many photos from our recent trip to Florida.  I have to go through them... and delete the bad ones... and edit the OK ones... and sigh over some (like these) that make me think "did I really make those?" (the girls and the photos!)

These came out of the camera just perfect.  These shots make me think I might be getting a handle on the manual camera settings.  They were uploaded to our old computer when we got home... and this weekend they were transferred to our new computer (um... did I mention we bought an iMac?)... and  since I have yet to get any editing software on this computer (other than iPhoto... is that useful at all?)... you get these straight out of the camera. 

The rest you have to wait for.  I have to spend a little more time with them.  But these... these I love just the way they are.