Off We Go

Has anyone seen my lovely little trip counter at the bottom of the blog? The one with the little palm trees? The one that counts down the "days until we see Grammy and PopPop!"? Did you see it? As I type right now it says "1 day"!!!! Yippee! Hooray!

My parents used to live here in NJ (only 3 miles from me). At the end of May they moved to Orlando (3 miles from my brother). Now... I'm quite sad to be without them right here, with me (and Zoe), forever and ever (sniffle sniffle). But, if they had to move, I suppose Orlando was a good choice. I mean... now I'm "forced" to visit Florida numerous times a year. There are worse things.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to be taking off to sunny (although lately it's been rainy) Florida. Just Zoe and me (and my Aunt Pru). We're staying with my parents in their brand new house. It's all shiny and new... just built with all new stuff. I just can't wait to see it... and them, of course. We'll be there for a whole week.

So... wish us luck with the whole airport, security check, toddler on an airplane thing! I'll try and post while I'm away (my mom had the computer all set up right after they moved in... yeah!!!)