Off to school we go

Today was Ana's very first day at school!  She started the half day toddler program and will be in school from 9-12 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  She's in the same school, in the same room, with 2 of the same teachers that Zoe was in just 3 short/long years ago. Ana also has the same tongue in her pictures that Zoe had!!!

Once again I'm wondering how my baby girl became this big girl ready to go off to school.

Ana was all smiles with Zoe.  She was ready to get in the car and head off to school.

Once we got to the classroom Ana got a little nervous.  Lately she's been having some stranger anxiety.  Actually... she's been having some "not stranger" anxiety too.  Last spring Mike (one of the teachers) was one of Ana's favorite people to see when we would get Zoe from school.  She would run to him yelling "HI MIKE!"  Now... she wouldn't even give him a high five.  She spent last week's "meet the teacher" visit clinging to my leg and crying.  The teachers and I were a little bit nervous about today.

But, their were princess shoes.  Glass slippers are pretty magical.

The teachers are pretty magical too.  (And Ana's class has 4 teachers... er... 1 teacher and 3 assistants.  Awesome!)  They got Ana involved in a gluing project and it seemed like things were off to a good start.  No crying!!!

I will now admit I was a bundle of nerves.  When we came in Miss Karen actually told me she was lying in bed this morning thinking about Ana.  And then she said she and Mike (the assistant) had come in to school and they had talked about what a change Ana's attitude was from June to now.  I love that they had Ana in their thoughts before she was even in the class... but I was also worried to know that I wasn't the only one concerned about how Ana was going to react to her first school day.

I think we were all pleasantly surprised.

I took advantage of Ana's concentration and snuck away.

So... while Ana may not have had an extremely easy-going attitude about starting school today... she also didn't have the difficult drop off I was prepared for (and other children and parents definitely had a harder time).  At the end of the day Karen said Ana's day was alright.  She was a little off but no crying.  She said she seemed more angry and annoyed than sad or upset.  At one point she was in the swing (I think) and yelled to Terry (an assistant) "HEY! GET ME OUTTA HERE!"  I can totally picture her scrunched up little face saying that.  Totally Ana.

I'm hoping that soon Ana will be back to her friendly, outgoing, silly self.  The girl who would go into Zoe's class to visit last spring and would act like she owned the place.  Saying "HI" to everyone she saw.  Hopefully she'll warm up quickly.

(I'm already preparing for tomorrow, though.  It may not be so easy to sneak out on her!)