NYC here I come!

One week from today I'm going to step slightly outside of my box of comfort.

Oh... who am I kidding?  I'm going to leap WAY the heck out of my tiny box.  I'm going to pack my bags, get on a train with the lovely Miss Banshee, and walk myself right on into the Hilton NYC to be surrounded by a thousand or 2 other bloggers.  I AM GOING TO BLOGHER!!!!!


This is big for me in many ways.  Extreme.  HUGE.

1.  I am excited to get away by myself.  I have not been anywhere by myself in ages.  Not since before Zoe was born... and she's 5.  Before Zoe was born I traveled quite a bit, (England, Scotland, Italy, Baltic Sea Cruise, St. Lucia...) but, that was traveling with Nick.  When I really think about going somewhere BY MY SELF... I think I actually have to go back to 1999 when I got on a plane and flew to Miami to take a cruise with my college friend Amanda.  Let's just say...I am ready to get away on a trip just for me.

2. I am going to get to actually meet some bloggers that I have come to think of as friends... and some bloggers who I sort of think of as "celebrities".  A lot of people don't quite understand the thrill of this.  They don't get that I have this whole real world inside my computer.  My blogger friends... they will understand.  I am excited about bringing together the virtual world with the real world... and anxious.  I am an introvert by nature (although college taught me to fake being outgoing) and I am going to go alone and try to meet people in a conference of a couple thousand people.  I am going to try to do this without hiding in my room... without being a wallflower... and without drinking excessively.  : )

3. I'm spending 3 nights in NYC.  What isn't exciting about that?  It's New York City!!!  You would think that since I grew up right here in New Jersey... about 1 hour from NYC... I would have been all about getting into the city and exploring.  Nope.  Before I met Nick I could have counted on one hand how many times I trekked into the city (and one of those times was a high school music department day trip).  Since meeting Nick I could probably add another hands worth of visits.  So... 1 hour away from NYC... but maybe only a dozen times in?  Crazy right?  So again... New York City is one of those things that makes me excited AND anxious.  Thank goodness Miss Banshee offered to take the train in with me.  She told me she would hold my hand... and not to worry because no one ever died at BlogHer.  I'm trusting that she's right.

4. I'm going to a blog conference.  That's quite a big deal for me.  It's saying that this blog... and the blog community... are important to me.  I'm going to meet other bloggers.  I'm going to go to conference sessions.  Some sessions I'm really hoping to squeeze into?  How To Take Great Pictures (with Mishelle Lane, Rachel Devine,  and Lotus Carroll)  Where's the Line or the Lie (with Jenny Lawson and Julie Marsh and moderator Jory Des Jardins)  Little Fish, Big Pond (with Mayberry Mom, Celeste Lindell/Average Jane and moderator Nora Leibowitz) and Grief, Loss, Tragedy and Community ( Cecily Kellogg,  Loralee Choate,  Kim Trimble, and Peter and Anissa Mayhew).   Some of the sessions are to learn... and some are to see bloggers I love to read.  I think that regardless of the conference sessions I am going to learn a lot... but I'm really hoping to get in and soak up as much info as I can.

5. I'm going to party it up.  The girls are going to be safely at home with Nick.  I'm going to have no worries of a babysitter.  No worries of who's driving home (usually me).  No worries of possibly being exhausted (or hung-over? yikes) but still needing to get up with the energized children.  I'm signed up to go to all of those parties listed over in my right sidebar... plus a couple others  (including NYCity Mama's party at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museau  People... there are parties on top of parties on top of parties.  Just thinking about it makes me a little tired.

So... Excited. Anxious. Thrilled. Nervous. I'm that kind of excited that makes you want to throw up.

On top of all of the excitement and nerves... I'm now starting to wonder who exactly I might actually get to meet.  Get to actually talk to.  I realize I will meet countless new people.  I will fill my Google Reader with tons of great new blogs (just what I need, right?).  I may end up with a few fabulous new friends.  I will have a blast.

What I really want to know though?  How many of you out there... people I've already exchanged comments or e-mails or tweets with,  people who are friends on Facebook... how many of you are going to BlogHer?  I already have cell numbers plugged into my phone for Amanda and "the other" Colleen (and sushi lunch plans with Colleen)  Miss Banshee will be showing up at my door to head to the train (and be my roomie!!!).  Those are my only 3 definites out of a gazillion BlogHer attendees.

Are you going???  Wanna swap cell phone numbers???  If you do... e-mail me (colleen.bohensky at gmail dot com).  You give me yours... I'll give you mine... we will meet in NYC and have a grand old time!





I'm good now.