Not Quite Holiday Card Worthy

I tried to take some Christmas card worthy photos of the girls together.  Zoe and Ana were almost cooperative.

Except they insisted they sit with these big eyed flying squirrel and beaver stuffed animals.  And a scribbled card on green construction paper.  And then they made crazy toes.  (Who does that with their toes????)

Then... right when I thought it would work out... Ana decided to play with her hair.  And... while we're at it... let's stick a foot up in the middle where it can't be cropped out.

And then Zoe kind of zoned out but still kept smiling.  It happened right when Ana decided to lean in and smile nicely.  I'm not sure what she was doing with her arm though. 

Then they both got really bored... so all I was getting was really fake unenthusiastic smiles.  If you want to call those smiles.

Then out of no where they both decided to stick their right feet up in the air when I thought I just might finally get a good shot.  So I called it quits.

Almost quits.  Then Ana said "wait wait wait... first take a picture of me like this!!!!" so I did.

Needless to say... I gave up. 

And these were the best photos out of more than I want to admit I took.