NJ Nor'easter

What better way to follow up a hurricane, 4 days without power, and 10 (and counting) days without cable/phone/internet than with a Nor'easter??? Sounds awesome right? Well, Ana doesn't seem to mind. She went out right after we got home at 3pm.

I suppose the snow is pretty as long as I stay inside (and the power stays on).

The cats think it's interesting. It's their first snow!!!

I didn't get a picture... but as soon as Zoe finished her homework she and Ana suited up in snow gear and headed down the street to play with our neighbor (Meredith) for 1/2 an hour (in the 5:30 dark) before dinner.


Nick is in Tulsa for work so he's missing this "fun". And since he's away... I spent a lot of time preparing.

Please think happy thoughts for us... especially if your happy thoughts include wishes for full school days not being switched to snow days!!!