The NJ Digital Moms Feel Like Home

I join groups online.  Mainly... I see a new mom group?  I join it.  (You know... mom bloggers, bloggy moms, moms who blog, bloggers who are moms, etc. etc. etc.)  If you're in one of these kinds of groups, and search the member list... I'm probably there.  I'm telling you, I find a new group... I try it out.

The thing is, I'm a member of so many of these groups, but none of them have REALLY kept me interested for long.  There are too many members.  The members don't have anything in common BUT being a mom and a blogger. The group is so big they have subdivisions and you have to figure out which one of those you want to attach yourself to.  Then you figure it all out... and there isn't any real interaction or conversation.  It never clicks.  So, I'm a member of countless groups.  But, I end up disinterested and "walk away" never to return... or to peek back in after I get a random e-mail and think "Huh? When did I join this group?"

I join these groups because I'm looking for my place.  My niche.  My people.  I figured eventually I would find the group that clicked for me... somewhere that felt like me.  I was beginning to think there really weren't any groups like that.

Then, about 10 months ago, I got an invitation from Elizabeth Norton to join her group, New Jersey Digital Moms, on Facebook.  Of course I accepted the invitation... I'm a joiner.  Plus, I'm from NJ.  I love all things digital.  I'm a mom.  Why not?

10 months later I finally can say I've found my home online.  And really... it shouldn't surprise me.  New Jersey is my home.  Not just the place I live... it's the place I love and never want to leave (well... except for travel... I DO love to travel).  It's where my roots are.  It's where I'm connected.

When I'm in the group room on Facebook, I feel like I'm out for coffee with a group of my best friends.  I can post a question and get a near immediate response from someone.  I can give my opinion to someone and know that it's been heard.   I can ask a technical blog question and a minute later I can ask a parenting question. I can vent about anything from my girls' having an attitude... to an issue I'm having with my blog domain.  I can ask them to share my work online... and I love to share their work (because they are awesome!)  These ladies?  They're my people.  They get me.

When you find your people?  It's awesome.

So, thank you Elizabeth.  Thank you for thinking I would be a good fit in NJDMoms.  Thank you for inviting me home.  And, thank you to my fellow NJDMoms for being awesome just by being you.