Nanny and Pop George

My grandparents, Nanny and Pop, live in Florida, too. They live over on the west coast though... so it's a little bit of a drive. They decided that for this visit they would drive over to my parent's house and spend the night visiting with us all. It was really nice since we don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like.

Zoe had fun with her great-grandparents. She talked up a storm for them and was quite happy and cheery while they were there (sometimes... she's a bit shy and takes a while to warm up).
When they went back home Zoe spent a bit of time wandering around the house asking "Where are you Nanny?" "Where are you Pop George?" (sniffle sniffle) When we go back to visit in September we plan to go stay at their house for a few days. That trip will be here before we know it!