It's November 30th.  The last day of November.  The last day of Na(tional)Blo(g)Po(sting)Mo(nth).  The last day of writing a post a day for 30 days.  30 posts in 30 days.

30 days ago I wrote about how I couldn't even believe it was November and now tomorrow begins December.  Crazy.

I also posted a Halloween blizzard photo on November 1st.  Now we've been dealing with 50-60 degree weather... and we hung our Christmas lights with no jackets on.  More crazy.

I went back and I read my 1st post of this month and realized I said I had successfully done NaBloPoMo for the last 2 years... so why not try for one more?  You know what... I was TOTALLY wrong.  I had been successful for the last 4 years.  This is my 5th November participating.  How crazy is that???

And you know what?  I did it again.

30 posts in 30 days.  Done.  5 years in a row.

I've been spending the last hour or so clicking through some of my previous NaBloPoMo posts... the ones I wrote in 2007... and 2008... and 2009... and 2010... and it just amazes me that I've been doing this for 5 years.  Not just NaBloPoMo... but blogging for almost 5 years too (I guess I'll have to have a blog birthday celebration in March... 5 must be a milestone, right?).

I think my favorite past NaBloPoMo post was one of my very first.  How I got drawn into blogging.  I remember writing that.  I remember discovering the whole world of writers sharing their lives out there in the world inside my computer.  I remember clicking and clicking and clicking and finding more and more people I connected with.

And now all these years later... here I still am.  Only now some of my online friends have been met offline.  I'm more connected with them on Facebook.  I traveled across the country to hang out with them at BlogHer11 (TOO many people to name but my roomie Colleen is awesome... and holding Casey's Vivi was a highlight).  Angie brought her girls over to swim at my parents house one day this summer.  The first Christmas card I received this year was from Alison.  I just told Danielle I would go see Rent with her (for my 3rd time and her 4th... and I'm seriously expecting to go! Oh... and btw she was my roomie for BlogHer10 in NYC... very cool.)  And then there are other people who I have briefly met in person... but really hope to spend more time with (perhaps at BlogHer 2012 in NYC?  MoMo, Amanda, Melisa, and... and... and...)  And, I feel like I can't do one of these posts without mentioning Carrie... she commented on my first real post in March 2007 and we're still checking in on each other.  I swear if she lived in NJ instead of CA we would have weekly play-dates with our girls just so we could hang out.  I never really thought I'd make so many lasting connections here on these interwebs.  So many people... friends.

So that's it.  My 30th post in 30 days.  Phew.